Friday, July 8, 2011

One Hour Google

It is very important to have profitable keywords in your website’s content. For finding such lucrative and profitable keywords you need to find out how many people search for a specific keyword and how much competition exist for the keywords. A keyword that has high searches but low competition will be the most profitable keyword for you to bank upon. So, with the help of this process you need to discover such keywords. This process of discovering lucrative keywords can become easy if you make use of the Google Keyword Tool. It is a very fast, efficient and free means of finding such keywords. You should obtain this tool and master its use in order to compete in the business successfully.

You might be wondering what you will achieve from the Google Keyword Search Tool. This keyword search tool will provide you with the number of local and global searches conducted for the keyword you have entered and a lot of other important data. This tool will also provide you with associated keywords around the particular keyword you have entered.

You must understand how to use this keyword search tool. First, you have to type the keyword tool in Google search. Click on the very first result “Google Adwords: Keyword Tool." Then head to the Google keywords tool website and enter your keyword to start the search. Now think about a keyword or a phrase. Then click on "Get Keyword Ideas” and enter the cache. Google will now list the results for the keyword idea you have entered as well as the other associated keywords suggested by Google. The default results from the volumes, including global monthly searches, local monthly searches and competition will be listed in front of you. Remember to change the match type to “Broad Search” and keep an eye for keywords that have more than 2,000 searched for the global monthly searches.

You may make selection of keywords and download them in a text document or CSV file. You need to whittle down your list. Check the keywords you have chosen and scroll down the tag to choose the method you wish to download the keywords in. Now you need to find out about the competition. For this you need to type the selected keyword in quotation marks in the search box of Google. The competition is expected to be high if the number is more than 60,000 to 70,000. Change the keyword to check if you can lessen the competition.

If you are looking for a way to optimize your website for ranking on Google, then these steps to dominate Google search engine is worth looking into.